Sunday, 23 March 2014


Jeans-Pull & Bear// Shirt- Pennys  // Shoes- Zara

One of my latest outfit on Instagram which got so much likes, So thought I'd share it here! Lately I haven't really been inspired but that day I was like Yeah look fashionable Marlene! ha! 
I am so tired after a really long day! So I have decided to relax,have a cuppa tea with a friend visiting, you know the jazz on a Sunday evening. Pretty Little Liars basicaly gone on a little break so I am trying to find something else to watch during my free time apart spending all my time on tumblr (obsessed).

P.S I apologize for the lack of post, but bare with me...

Have a fab Sunday

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Should I Start A Youtube Channel....?

Heyy Guys :) Hope your all well ( *,*)

So lately, I have been getting lots of question on here, Tumblr.. like, Where's my Youtube link and Why don't I have a Youtube channel? I am totally in shock because personally for me I don't see myself on YouTube, though you all know I love taking pictures. To be honest, I was so scared to even start my own Blog. The thoughts of me actually being live, talking to all my followers is like WOW  big step for me! 
For people that know me, They would say, I am so bubbly, chatty and never shut up and though at times I feel like you guys haven't really seen that side of me. I have gotten so many questions regarding to this, I wonder, if I was to start one, what exactly would it be all about... In reality I'm not much of a make-up person haha! I would just embarrass myself.. 

I still haven't decide on what I am going to do,,, But would love hear what you think... Should I?


Friday, 14 March 2014

New hair style.... What you think?

Heyyyyyyyy Beautiful People !! 

Wow it's been long since I have been blogging...  Life as a final year student is getting harder ... In a month i'll be finished ! I cannot wait! but until than I HAVE NO LIFE! hehe! I've missed blogging, so decided to show you my new hair style, What you think? Does the Fringe suit me? I have friends passing me because they don't recognize me at all ! hehe crazy right, you just cover half your face and you become another person,, I have been called Kelly Rowland like so many times, ehh do you think? 

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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Fashion/My Life

Heyyyy Guys!!!!
    I would like to apologize for the lack of post.. It's been hard with final year! But there will be time like this where I just feel like I need me time, which is blogging :). I love expanding my imagination when I style clothes in the morning but it's no fun when I can't share it with my lovely followers, So here's my latest outfits! Though, I haven't went shopping for couple of months now, but I decided a needed a retail therapy with all that's going on! 

It's sad to say I had to stay away from the gym for a week or so because I injured my lower back and the medications weren't working but I feel much better so excited to start back at the gym this week. But I was told to take it easy, so I'm thinking classes like Yoga or a bit of muscle work!

Mwah<3 Time to get ready for catch up with my doll!

Sunday, 2 February 2014


Everything Coco Chanel gives Black is everything a go!

It caught my attention the other day that celebs love wearing all black but why that's the question.. Black at time can make an outfit look, simple, edgy and smart. At time I used to think people only wore black at funerals or to express how their feeling. That defo changed as I got obsessed with fashion. Are you an all black person? I'd like to know:)

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Saturday, 1 February 2014

"Oh Baby It's Cold Outside"

Hey!! Happy New month :)
" February be good to me, February be good to me" That's what I kept repeating to myself.. Where did January go, one minute it was new year, now it's February!  A way to start a new month, I decided to share with you my winter inspiration, all about big coats and fur. I get more of my inspiration from Tumblr- If you have a tumblr, do let me know, I love following and checking people's blog. Which one's your favorite?

It's the weekend yeahhh!!!  Time to relax, read, chill with friends and of course still do a bit of work, boooo final year student ain't fun! ha! Guess it will be worth it in the end!

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Friday, 31 January 2014

"Today I Am Thankful"

It's been raining constantly, back here in Ireland and right now I just want summer! At times, I never dress for the weather because I think If did in Ireland, I'll be wearing all black everyday and friends be worried lol!

Update: This week flew! Sadly, I have a confession... I couldn't go to the gym! But it's hard work this weekend! I wish I could just go to the gym in the mornings but if i was to do that, I'll be late for work and college!  I've had so much opportunities to expand this blog but because I will be writing my thesis basically dissertation , well a 8000 word book. I have no time! sadly it will have to wait!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Something Different: My week so far.

I usually never do week post, but thought's I'd do something different. 
My week has been so busy especially because I am back to university! 
It actually fee's feel weird because I ONLY HAVE 3 MONTHS LEFT!! crazy right?
I had to say goodbye to my long braids this weekend:( Back to my natural bob hair ! Want to see a picture?.. comment below dolls:)
For those that don't know, I joined the gym since last October but because of all the travelling & college work it was hard to stick to it. I have decided for 2014 to really stick to the gym & eating healthy as I noticed when I stuck to it for 4 months, I felt healthy and never got sick at all! I went to the gym with my bestie last weekend so decided to share with you what my workout includes. If you want any tips, Do ask below:)
Eating clean has been a most in my list this year.. I try my best to order freshly food when I'm out but at home I always add vegetables in my dinner. A lot of my friends ask why have I out of a sudden decided to change my whole routine. To be honest, I just felt like I needed change and be healthy. I wouldn't say I eat junk food but I just grew up with a mother that was so healthy so, I have decided to follow her steps.
You all know I'm all about fashion, that's what this blogs all about. Recently I have not been really inspired until Kourtney K. posted this in her instagram. It just inspired me again that I have stalked her instagram for days! I believe fashion, styling is important for a women as it can change someone during the process.
Lately, I have been into quotes and inspiring words.This quotes has got me thinking that there are lot's of people out their people out their that don't have everything but there's still happy. Meaning another reason people think would make them happy is close, money but money for sure cannot mke you happy. I am starting to look at life differently and ways to live my life.It's funny because every morning before I start my day, I ensure that I read a quote to help me through the day! For my inspiring quotes check my instagram @marlenesilver. One of my favourite quote this week is "Dream big. Work hard. Stay humble"

PS. In my last post, I asked all my followers to ask me anything: fashion tips, advice, Qs about me.. etc. I would appreciate it if you'd ask under this post or here and I'll make a new post with all the answers.

Thanks Beautiful People.
Have a fab week.
Marlene S.

Sunday, 26 January 2014


Heyy guys! I felt like you guys don't know much about me, So decided to give you all a chance to ask  me anything you want. I mean anything, it can be weird, random, funny or even the most question I get, why did I start blogging?.. It can be questions on fashion advice, or what you want to see next on the blog.. I don't mind, not like I bite hehe:) I will answer them in a new post:)

Monday, 20 January 2014

Golden Globes 2014: Who rocked that red carpet dress

Lupita Nyong'o looked beautiful in red Ralph Lauren  

Though she may be pregnant, the inspiring Kerry Washington looked amazing in  Balenciaga custom dress.
Zoe Saldana just looked woooaah in that Prabal Gurung dress

Who was your favourite? Would love to know..

Sunday, 19 January 2014


Went out to Krystle night club for a friends birthday yesterday and I had such a good night. The music was good and the drinks were flowing. 
My decision to go to it was so last minute that I had nothing planned to wear to it but after 2hrs of putting different outfits together, I finally decided on this one.

Highwaist Pants - American Apparel
Shoes - Primark 
Top - ( Its actually a highlow dress I turned backwards)